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Cool Blue™ Works Smarter

Independent and Accredited Environmental Lab tested. Test performed to Industry Standard ISTA 7D. Certified data shows Cool Blue™ and Cool Blue Plus™ did a very good job at stabilizing the temperatures for a 24 and 48-hour time period. Feel confident that Cool Blue™ testing provides reliable, accurate and responsive product qualification and third party validation testing.

While tests have shown that CoolBlue™ insulation retains the desired temperature for days, we recommend and welcome the opportunity to do your own testing and comparison with Cool Blue™ insulation against your current packaging by letting us send you a free sample to test yourself.

Note - Due to the varying nature of product use, time of year, application, and geography, actual results may vary. This information is obtained by industry accepted test methods and represents typical data. It is for general information only. There are no warranties express or implied. The data shown are typical physical values, not a specification or a performance guarantee. NTI Global withholds the right to change aspects of the product, specs and make up without notice. For additional information please contact us directly.

Scope of Cool Blue™ and Cool Blue Plus™ Test:
An Independent and Accredited Environmental Lab tested and compared the thermal characteristics and performance between a Cool Blue™ foil bubble box liner and a Cool Blue Plus™ foil bubble box liner. The thermal performance was tested over a 48 hour time period, in accordance with ISTA 7D compliant.

Box Size:

Container Used:
Carton Lined with Cool Blue™
Box Insulation
• Cool Blue™
• Cool Blue Plus™

3lbs. Foil Wrapped Chocolates

2 gel packs

Testing Time Period:
48 Hour Test

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