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Insulated Packaging for Fresh & Frozen Shipments

Keep Cool and Stay Fresh with Cool Blue™ Insulated Products

The next step in thermal packaging, NTI Global offers you a full and complete line of Foil Bubble Thermal Packaging products. With its unique composition and insulative properties Cool Blue™ Insulation helps prevent humidity, moisture, and external temperature changes so packages stay fresh.

Unlike traditional foam Cool Blue™ insulation acts like a shield against the three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiant. The bubbles and polyprevent conduction and convection heat transfer while the foil reflects 97% of the radiant heat.

Being the Manufacturer of this products allows us the ease to not only produce standard size products to fit your every day packaging needs but also the ability to produce custom size packaging for your specific job applications. Let us send you a Cool Blue™ insulation box liner to try yourself. Cool Blue™ is often used by customers shipping temperature sensitive shipments via Periship, Fed Ex, and UPS for express or overnight deliveries. Call 1-800-947-7767 for more information and a sample today!

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